Summer will be here before you know it so you know what time it is!

Yes ladies, it’s time to stock up on your summer beauty essentials (that won’t break the bank) you are going to love. When it comes to beauty trends it is ok to splurge on the occassional luxury beauty products but the turth is not all of our  VavaVogue readers can afford to splurge on the industry’s latest beauty craze and trends. This post is for the girls that what to glow this summer without sacrificing her bank account… Enjoy!


Your Summer Beauty Starter Kit!


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs $10 (Buy now), Nair Body Wax Strips $10 (Buy now), Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder $52 (Buy now), L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss $5.00 (Buy now), Sunset Gel Polish $8.00 (Buy now), Sephora Lavender Blotting Paper $5.00 (Buy now) and Turquoise Summer Escada Perfume $2.00 (Buy now).

Check out the video below from YouTube beauty guru BeautybyJJ on how you can wear these beauty craze:


What are your summer beauty favorite?