You can’t stroll down your social media timeline without seeing a photo of one of your favorite celebs or models posing in a waist train band. The band that promises to give you a tiny waist line without sacrificing your derrier. Waist Train Band is a unique latex corset band which attacks unwanted fat and impurities within your body with little to no exercise needed. Waist training as a means of permanent waist-reduction and re-shaping is a practice requiring discipline and is best achieved when the following 3 components work in harmony;Waist Cinching using a traditional flex-boned corset, Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise. Really, the waist trianing band is no different than the corsets women wore centuries ago on top or in some cases underneath the dress. Now women wear the corset to accheive the hour-glass (Jessica Rabbit) shape seen on top celebrities:

The results from the waist traning is much slower and harder than normal exercise. Staring out, you have to break the corset in. That mean wearing the corset 2-4 hours a day and gradually adding an hour or two to your daily regimen until you are able to wear it all day. Starting out the corset is a liitle uncomfortable, but as your waist becomes smaller, the corset will become more comfortable and will not feel as tight. Continue to progress to the next size down until you reach your ideal size.



Experts say, “Once you take the garment off, your body will return to its usual shape. It’s also uncomfortable, restricts your movements, and if you wear it really tight, it can even make it difficult to breathe and theoretically could cause rib damage.”   In fact, experts generally agree that there’s no way it can really work—and it might do real bodily harm. You don’t have to be an M.D. to realize that training your waist with a corset can be damaging to your health and body. What does work to shed the pounds from your belly is regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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Whould you waist train?