Hello VavaLovers! I’m back from my extended hiatus just in time to share some amazing workout wear from retail giant H&M. Let’s face it, after stuffing your face with all those holiday goodies you want to work off those extra pounds in style. Well look no further, the company that brought you those sexy underwear by David Beckham has just announced the launch of their sportswear in January and I will be 1st in line to grab mine. They even turned to Swedish Olympic athletes for design ideas. Take a peek at why this maybe drool worthy….










The collection will feature; stylish runner jackets that are also perfect for running errands,  yoga gear (also yoga mat!), tennis outfits and quick dry performance wear for your most intense workout routine.  With the New Year approaching this collection is perfect for men, women and children. What better way to start that New Year’s resolution. And did I mention that everything is under $50 bucks!

My favorite is the sexy yet comfortable looking black sweatpants, what’s yours?



Image: Glamour