The 60’s inspired cat eye has been a sultry beauty staple for centuries, but this retro trend is anything but dated. Cool girls like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jourdan Dunn and Nicki Minaj have made the winged eyeliner a go-to for beauty trends. Meticulously winged tips are one of the tougher skills to master, but with these tricks and a little practice (and some makeup remover), you’ll go from blaa to glam in no time… Enjoy!

nicki minaj wing liner 2


Beauty Tips: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and the boldness of your liner. Let your eyes take center stage of your overall look. Remember if you are going for a dramatic look, focus on one area and keep the rest simple for an effortless look.

nicki minaj wing liner 1


nicki minaj wing liner 3


Beauty Tips: For beginners, a pencil is the easiest type of liner to master because most minor fixes are just a smudge away. To apply, make tiny dots all along the lash line, starting from the inner corner of the eye and working your way out. Then channel your inner-toddler and connect the dots, holding the edge of your eyelid taut. If you fudge, don’t panic. Keep a Q-tip with one dry end (for blending) and one end dipped in makeup remover (for damage control) nearby. If you’re still not sure, check out this lively video below for tips and tricks on achieving the perfect winged eyeliner by YouTuber; ItsMyRayeRaye:

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Images: NickiMinaj