The weather is constantly changing here in Florida which makes it come as no surprise that keeping your skin clean and moisturized is very important for the  always changing season. Moisturizing your skin is a must as the weather gets cooler and oiling your face maybe more important than you think. When we hear oiling your face, most of us think of a greasy and shiny face that’s not so flattering.  Oils can be described as a booster, something that when added to your regular beauty routine will make your skin look even more ravishing. The key is to continue your normal beauty regimen during the day and at night add just two or three drops of oil. This way, while you sleep your skin will absorb the oil giving you a natural glow in the morning. Keep scrolling for the best beauty oils for your skin type… Enjoy!

Dry Skin: 


Beauty Trend: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used for various treatments. For starters you can use it to brighten your teeth and freshen breath. It also gives the perfect shine for your hair and adds moisture to dry skin.

Combination Skin:


Beauty Trend: Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood essential oils are perfect for all hair types. For centuries this product was used for medicine, massages and fragrances. This product is perfect for combination skin because it hydrates without causing any blemishes or acne to your skin.

Oily Skin:


Beauty Trend: Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is often associated with spot treatment, but using it all over your face can help prevent breakouts and soothe irritated skin. Proactive has an amazing tea tree oil moisturizer to help soothe skin for those who still feel a little hesitant to use oils.


And there you have it, oils you can use for all skin types.


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