I love a simple look and making my accessory the main focus point. If you love bold statement jewelry like I do, then get to know today’s designer crush, Isatta Shadding, designer of Rich Harlots. Isatta pieces are meant to help people tap into their creativity and explore their personal style. This collection is full of fun multi-colored collars, polka dotted earrings with a 70’s feel. Let’s face it, with today’s recession your wallet will be at ease with prices ranging from $24 to $60. If you’re crushing on this look visit richharlots.com:lb1_zpsd92fd8f2[1]rich-harlots-jewelry-1[1]rich-harlots-jewelry-2[1]rich-harlots-jewelry-5[1]rich-harlots-jewelry-27[1]rich-harlots-jewelry-28[1]rich-harlots-jewelry-29[1]rich-harlots-jewelry-58[1]

Which pieces are you crushing on?