Happy Friday VavaLovers!

A lot has happened this week, from in-law rivals to a real life “Mean Girls” movie moment… Lets check out what you may have missed this week:

The Carter family released  a statement yesterday about the (in)famous elevator fight at the Met Gala, saying, “families have problems, we’re no different.” It’s true that no one is perfect but watching someone who appears to be in the public eye can leave fans wondering, what went wrong. Although both Jay Z and Solange took responsibility for the incident and ask for their privacy to move on, it still leaves fans and the media to speculate the unsaid… With four more dates added to the “Run The World Tour” starting June 25th in Miami, it might be safe to say they put the whole incident behind them. How would you settle your family rivalry? (HuffingtonPost)


I live for Rihanna’s style and her don’t give a capital ‘F‘ attitude, but when I ran across this story about the starlet’s comment on a fan recreating her Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit look for less left me speechless. We as fans love to rock our favorite celeb’s look but in most cases simply can’t afford it, so we go for a replica to suit our budget. 16 year old Alexis Carter’s attempt to recreate her idol’s 2010 red carpet look for prom, went terribly wrong when classmates posted the pic on Instagram and Rihanna also chimed in with :(… The teen went to Fox News in Baltimore saying, ” She don’t love her fans like she say she does.” You be the judge:

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Did Alexis nail Rihanns’s red carpet look? (Fashionista)