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Flawless 10 Minute Makeup Routine For Lazy Gals and Beginners! (Video)

There are girls who spend hours in the morning on their makeup, perfecting their contour technique, lining their lips and using over 15 different ...
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Work A Bold Red Lip!

Tis the season to rock the brightest boldest red lipstick everywhere! Just like a perfect leopard stiletto, a bold red lipstick can transform any ...
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The Best Beauty Products For All Skin Tones

As women, we are always on the lookout for makeup that has perfect coverage for our complexion and normally run into a dead end or the products ...
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5 Jaw Dropping Makeup Trends For All You Beauty Junkies!

Halloween is literally days away and we can't let you get into the spooky spirit without introducing some jaw dropping makeup trends that you have ...
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Long Lasting Makeup At Last!

Tired of your makeup sweating off, smudging, or just wearing out before lunch time? Well! Say goodbye to those makeup mishaps, because I'm going to ...
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