There were some serious speculations and some just low down dirty rumors in the fashion world in 2014. Some I fell for and some we just knew weren’t going to happened. From Bey x M.A.C fake lipstick line to Kendall Jenner walking in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Here are our top 5 Rumors we wish were true in 2014… Enjoy!

#5: Nene Leaks Replaces Joan River On E! ‘Fashion Police’

nbc universal upfront ny

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leaks has been literally one of the most talked about actresses on reality TV. She has done everything from sitcom’s to now Broadway but when a rumor had it that she was replacing the late Joan Rivers I must admit I didn’t believe nor wanted it to be true. True enough, Nene is a risk taker when it comes to fashion and she has a lot more hits than misses (in my opinion), but with the dynamic of the show I think they would want someone that is well rounded in the Fashion Community such as Kimora Lee Simmons. No word yet on Joan’s replacement or if they are even going to continue with the show… Who do you think would fit the show?

#4: Kendall Jenner Walks in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


kendall jenner angel

After attending the launch party for the book Angels‘ and posing nude for the book, rumors swarmed all over that the model would definitely walk in the sexiest fashion show on television. Sad to say, like almost every other rumor surrounding the star, that wasn’t true. The now famous model was unable to walk in the show because of her demanding schedule and let’s face it, she opted to walk in the Chanel Fashion Show instead. Maybe next year Angels!

#3: Fake Rihanna IG Account

bahdgalriri (fan acct)

When we lost one of our Fashion Queen’s on IG, the social network went into a fashion meltdown. With every fan (including myself) begging for the return of Rihannawe were blessed with what we all thought was the Queen of fashion risk with a new IG @bahdgalriri. This account was so true to the pop star’s lifestyle, with photos of her with adorable cousin, vacation pics to backstage at major fashion events (can you see how we thought this was true. But then you had to ask yourself; Why didn’t she take her old IG name @badgalriri or announce her return on Twitter (which made us believe this is too good to be true)? With over 600k followers and the loss of very few during the scam removal, the account is now going by fan page of Rihanna. Did you fall for this?

#2: Idris Elba As 007

Idris Elba in burberry


This is one rumor that is still up in air. For the past century (or however long this franchise has been out) James Bond has been said to be this tall dark man but played by actors such as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and handsome British actor Daniel Craig. Now these are all amazingly handsome men who are also impeccable actors, so why not switch it up with another equally handsome actor in Idris Elba? Elba proved his acting skills by playing Baltimore King Pin on the hit HBO series The Wire and lead an amazing performance as Nelson Mandela in A Long Walk To Freedom, why not continue his long list of hits on his resume as the next James Bond. Here’s what Elba had to say about the rumors on Twitter:


  He play too much! What do you think?

#1: Bey x M.A.C

 beyonce for mac

 Whoever was responsible for this, I really wish they got a lump of coal for Christmas. I was so excited to post this last week on my weekly Fashion News breakdown to find out it was all a hoax. Never in my years of researching have I forgotten the number 1 rule in journalism; Do your research and don’t go off 1 news outlet. And that’s exactly what I did. I saw this flyer on my Tumblr timeline on what I thought was a creditable news outlet for Beyonce and just ran with it (boy was that dumb!). We all have those days where we want to be the first to post something and forget to research a little more. The person that did this must be droping a little hint to M.A.C, who knows maybe M.A.C will catch the hint. Were you as disappointed as I was about this?