Happy Monday VavaLovers!

In case you had a sucky weekend, indulge in these fashion news must sees… Enjoy!


khloe kardashian grill

Khloe Kardashian accentuated her already edgy look even more with a gold plated bottom grill courtesy of jewelry designer Gabriel Jacobs.  The 30 year old turned to Instagram to showcase her new work of art saying, “Thanks @rafaelloandco for making me my grill! I love dressing all of my MANY moods.” How are you feeling Khole’s new accessory? (PeopleStyle)




Cara Delevingne is taking the “Free The Nipple” campaign to the next level! The Chanel model posted this pic of herself and a fellow male model bare nipple and hers covered in an effort to demonstrate how unfair she felt Instagram’s strict no nipple rules are with females. Delevingne is not alone in bringing awareness to what she feels is unfair to females, the Free The Nipple Twitter account has over 117K followers… Do you think Instagram shows gender unequality? (Complex)