Happy Friday VavaLovers!

We have officially completed the first week in March and we have some ground breaking Fashion News to cover… Lets begin!

h&m denim 1

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h&m denim 5

When was the last time you checked out H&M denim section? The affordable retail chain has really up’d their denim game thanks to designer Rachel Wirkus. The Los Angeles based designer worked with some huge heavy hitters such as; Karlie Kloss and Liv Tyler and now Wirkus took her talent to the denim department at H&M. Wirkus denim is affordablely priced starting at $9.95 with the most expensive pair priced at $50 for both men and women without sacrificing quality. Read Rachel Wirkus interview with FGR here!

selena gomez for adidas neo

Your closet will never be basic again with Selena Gomez‘s newest collection for Adidas NEO. The collection bridges sportswear and street wear with colors that pop and blurred floral prints that are perfect for spring. NEO also incorporates modern silhouettes featuring pieces like a crop-top hoodie and high-waist denim. What’s perfect about this collection is that, you’re not sacrificing style or quailty with most pieces retailing just under $50 making this collection a must have. Check out more of Selena Gomez x Adidas NEO here! Would you wear this collection?

beyonce slurpee

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven has really up there typical Slupee and Big Gulp cups game, now you can purchase designer clothes. You hear it right, now shopping can purchase gas and Jean Paul Gaultier‘s ready-to-wear pieces at 7-Eleven. Gaultier is collaborating with Japanese company Seven & i to launch a 50-plus-piece capsule called Jean Paul Gaultier for Sept Premières. The items will be priced much lower than his namesake ready-to-wear, ranging from $32 to $250. As of now, he has signed on for two seasons and is sold only in Japan. That sucks… Would you wear deisgner clothes from 7-Eleven? (TheCut)

justin bieber for mens health

Men’s Health Magazine chose Justin Bieber for the cover of April’s “Reinvention Issue,” a choice Editor in Chief Bill Phillips pre-emptively explained in an editor’s letter by writing, “We’re all a work in progress.” True—and nobody more so than the Biebs. (MensHealth)