Faux dreads have been the go to hair trend to try this summer thanks to Ciara. The singer beautifully debuted her blonde highlighted faux locs on Instagram for fans to drool over. Fast forward a couple of months after, singer Jhene Akio shared an intimate photo of her lovely blonde locs styled in a high bun. Like box braids, the faux locs style is easy to maintain, just style in a high bun like The Worst singer Jhene Akio or a side swoop inspired by Lisa Bonet. However you chose to rock your locs, don’t forget to care for your edges ladies… Enjoy these style inspirations that will make you transition to fall much easier!

faux locks 1


faux locks 4


Beauty Tips: Try washing and deep conditioning your hair weekly. I was told you can wash your hair while it’s braided, but if you don’t feel comfortable washing your hair in fear of the mildew smell, mist your hair with water and condition, after you mist the hair, apply heavy moisturizer such as Shea Butter and Coconut.

faux locks 5


Beauty Tips: If your hair is damaged, stay away from braids, locs and sew-ins. Some see this as masking the situation as this will only make matters worst. If your hair condition is too bad to wear in public, try wearing glueless wigs. There’s no pressure or tension on the hair which will allow you to treat your hair.

faux locks 6

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