When it comes to your eyes, your lahes takes center stage.

Over the years, we have found there is no way you can have a polished look without a pop of flirty lashes. Absoutly no way. They add a touch of glamour to your face even if all your wearing is BB cream and lip gloss. Done right they can give you a more younger look. If they are overly done, they can appear as if your eyes are about to fly away. Eyelash extensions are the flirty, sex-kitten cousin of artificial nails – they require consistent upkeeping. But then again, what’s life without them? Your beauty regimen haven’t been the same since false lashes popped into our daily makeup routine and we can’t go a day (even if it’s just to the local grocery store) without them. Take a look below at the best falseeye lash extensions under $20 bucks… Enjoy!



Fake It! Best False Eyelashes Under $10 Bucks

Style Essentials Drama Lashes $2.00 (Buy now), Eylure Katy Perry False Eyelashes $9.00 (Buy now), Miss Selfridge $9.00 (Buy now), Forever 21 Set of Six Faux $6.00 (Buy now), Creme Lush Lashes $3.00 (Buy now), Eylure 2 Pack Black No. 19 $9.05 (Buy now) and Premium Tokyo LashedBar $9.00 (Buy now).