Summer has arrived and the most popular trend I’m noticing across the web has to be the distressed jeans. Of course this is an ongoing trend that has been around for centuries but the iconic style has emerged everywhere. You have the super distressed look for those who love the extreme edgy look or the more simple knee cut that might be a little more appropriate for work or school… Whatever your preference is, we searched our Tumblr timeline for the most unique version of this trend (that seemed to not go anywhere) plus found the perfect DIY (YouTube) video to help you achieve that starlet look… Enjoy!

distressed jeans 1

distressed jeans 3

distressed jeans 2

distressed jeans 6

distressed jeans 4

distressed jeans 8

distressed jeans 5

distressed jeans 9

DIY: Yves Saint Laurent distressed jeans by YouTuber CalCali:

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