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clown contouring cover

Beauty Trends: Yes Clown Contouring Is A Thing

YouTuber BellaDeLune has developed on a new way to "extreme color-correct, highlight, and contour" after the nasty meems she receive from the ...
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natural hair 2

Attention All Natural Hair Beauties: The Scoop On Free Carol’s Daughter Swag

For those of you that's natral or are in trandsitioning from relaxed to natural you want to keep reading! From today until July 31, you can snag ...
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strobing cover

Meet ‘Strobing’ Because Contouring Was So 2014!

What is Strobing? Strobing is a new technique lighting and reflecting on high planes and point of your face giving you a more youthful look. ...
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Beyonce's High-Ponytail

Best Workout Hairstyles To Try Now!

Not sure how to style your hair while working up a sweat? Going to the gym is easy and now a bit glamourized with these 5 simple hairstyles ...
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chrissy teigen beach wave curls

DIY: Chrissy Teigen Massive Beach Wave

What do we know about the beautiful Chrissy Teigen?  For starters the girl loves food, all things animals, rarely follow beauty trends, has a ...
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summer beauty cover 2015

Your Summer Beauty Starter Kit Has Arrived: Beauty Essentials That Won’t Break The Bank

Summer will be here before you know it so you know what time it is! Yes ladies, it's time to stock up on your summer beauty essentials (that ...
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Fashion News Breakdown: H&M Launch First Beauty Line; Fifth Harmony For Seventeen June/July 2015 and Olivia Palermo For Cosmopolitan Australia

Happy Friday VavaLovers! Hope you guys had a fantastic week and ready to chillax for the best Fashion News you may have missed... Enjoy! ...
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hailey baldwin beauty

None Surgery Nose Job: How To Contour Your Nose

The latest beauty trend has to be contouring. There are lots of crazy tutorials on how you can make your face apear slimmer without going under ...
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kylie jenner confession

Kylie Jenner Confession “I Have Temporary Lip Fillers and It’s What I Wanted To Do” plus Pros and Cons

The rumors on Kylie Jenner perfect pout have surfaced social media for a while now - and although the reality star made several attempt to shut ...
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