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10 Drugstore Beauty Product You Need To Do Your Makeup Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel

People may not refer to you as an angel or praise your 5'8 frame as you strut your stuff down the sidewalk but hey, that doesn't mean you can't ...
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Your Mom Will Love These Beauty Finds!

Ask any mom and she will tell you all she'd like for Mother's Day " is for us to br together!" By now you should already know what to get your ...
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Fake It! The Best False Eyelashes For You Bucks

When it comes to your eyes, your lahes takes center stage. Over the years, we have found there is no way you can have a polished look without a ...
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We Found The Top 5 Bronzers To Help Glamourize Your Makeup Routine: Because All Bronzers Are Not Created Equal!

If you are looking to cheat that effortless spring/summer glow, the type of bronzer you use can really make a big difference. The first thing you ...
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Work A Bold Red Lip!

Tis the season to rock the brightest boldest red lipstick everywhere! Just like a perfect leopard stiletto, a bold red lipstick can transform any ...
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The Best Drugstore Mascara To Define & Lengthen Your Lashes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, is what you may have heard all of your life. Look a person in the eyes and if someone does't look you in the ...
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Budget Friendly Makeup Starter Kit For Beginners!

For all my 'Vava Beauties' that are looking to start a career in beauty or just looking to start your own makeup kit but don't want to spend ...
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What’s Your Favorite Fall Scent?

New outfit? Why not pick up a new chic fragrance while you're at it? Designers are now designing signature scents to match their amazing collecti...
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Bold Spring Lipsticks You Have To Try! Plus DIY: How To Make MAC Lipstick (Must See Video)

Now that spring is back, here are some bold colors to put on your list of things to try. Nothing says spring flowers like St Germain by Mac. ...
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