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Flawless 10 Minute Makeup Routine For Lazy Gals and Beginners! (Video)

There are girls who spend hours in the morning on their makeup, perfecting their contour technique, lining their lips and using over 15 different ...
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Now You Can Really Master That Kylie Jenner Pout “Lip Kit by Kylie”

Attention YouTube Beauty Vloggers!! Kylie Jenner plans to expand her beauty brand starts today with her first lipstick line titled "Kylie Lip ...
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Beauty Trends: Yes Clown Contouring Is A Thing

YouTuber BellaDeLune has developed on a new way to "extreme color-correct, highlight, and contour" after the nasty meems she receive from the ...
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Kylie Jenner Announce New Blog Featuring Makeup Tutorials

These days you can't seach a beauty tutorials without passing a 'How to Kylie Jenner' tutorial. Most of us are guilty (including myself) of ...
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Meet ‘Strobing’ Because Contouring Was So 2014!

What is Strobing? Strobing is a new technique lighting and reflecting on high planes and point of your face giving you a more youthful look. ...
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Your Summer Beauty Starter Kit Has Arrived: Beauty Essentials That Won’t Break The Bank

Summer will be here before you know it so you know what time it is! Yes ladies, it's time to stock up on your summer beauty essentials (that ...
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None Surgery Nose Job: How To Contour Your Nose

The latest beauty trend has to be contouring. There are lots of crazy tutorials on how you can make your face apear slimmer without going under ...
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The Best Beauty Moments From The 2015 Met Gala

At the end of every show you have to give credit where credit is due - and today we are giving thanks to the glam squad at the 2015 Met Gala. While ...
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Fake It! The Best False Eyelashes For You Bucks

When it comes to your eyes, your lahes takes center stage. Over the years, we have found there is no way you can have a polished look without a ...
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