Allow me to introduce you to Misty Copeland. I ran across this story while surfing the web and was blown away. Misty Copeland is an African American professional ballet dancer from San Pedro, California who was introduced to the world of ballet at the tender age of 13 while attending the Boys and Girls club.


Misty does not meet the stereotype of which ballerinas symbolize; her brown skin, womanly curves and not so wealthy family. Still Copeland was able to open the doors for all girls to live their dream. At 17, Misty attended the American Ballet Theatre, one of the world’s leading ballet companies in New York City. She took center stage for the “Firebird” as a soloist.



Misty sat down with Vogue Italy and opened up about her love affair with ballet and the heartbreak that has come along with it.   This is indeed a real life Cinderella story. For two decades of the ABT, there has never been an African American soloist. Hopefully Copeland’s triumph will drive more black ballerinas in the near future.


Check out more on the Misty Copeland interview here. For now take a look at her documentary:




Image: TheYBF