Happy Monday VavaLovers!

We made through our first weekend in April (yay)! Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter and ready to dive into these ground breaking fashion news… Enjoy!


Since 2008 Keeping Up With The Kardashian star Kim Kardashian West has been almost every man’s #WCW but not anymore. The video above features a little girl explaining why she does not want her dad crusing on the reality star and why she would not crush on Mrs. West  if she was a man. She explains, ” The only reason that she’s famous is because of her plastic surgery, and excuse me, every single photo shoot you got you don’t got no clothes on! Why you famous for that?” She did’t stop there. She continues by letting the reality star know that her private parts are not meant to show in public and President Barack Obama she have her arrested for showing her the world her parts. Do you feel the same way? (ET)

michelle sarah and kerry washington

Glamour Magazine made a power move covering Sarah Jessica Parker, First Lady Michelle Obama and Kerry Washington on their May 2015 issue. The three ladies are reportly teaming up for a major initiative that has yet to be announced. I’m sure what these three ladies have up there sleeves, it is going to be huge… What do you think? (MN)

kylie jenner blackface

Creative lights and makeup or Blackface? That seems to be the question of reality star Kylie Jenner‘s newest photo shoot she recently posted on IG. In the caption she stated, “What I wished I looked like all the time thank you” on the dark tone photo that was later deleted.  But some people are accusing the 17-year-old of Blackface including Disney star Zendaya Coleman (Coleman recently experience bulling for her faux locs on the red carpet by E! own Giuliana Ranic) who tweeted, “At first, I saw more of an Avatar look but thank ya’ll for keeping me on point… We all gotta stay aware of what image we project #lessons.” After all the backlash of her photot Jenner later responded, “This is black light and neon light people lets all calm down.” What do you think? (People)

olivier rousteing for out

“No one man should have all that power” and Olivier Rousteing has that and then some. The creator director for Balmain opens up about industry racism and Instagram in’s and out’s in the May 2015 for Out magazine. Rousteing may have dressed Hollywood cool girls such as; Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and most of Victoria Secret models. Rousteing decided yet again to take his talent from behind the scenes and in front of the lens surrounded by gold and crystal jewels and a mirror fit for the prince of fashion. (Fashionista)